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Carole Stilwell
Diploma in Integrative Psychosexual Therapy
Certified Transactional Analyst
Accredited member of BACP
Diploma in Counselling
Diploma in Supervision
UKCP Registered

Grief / Bereavement and Depression in East Sussex

Even though grief and depression share many of the same characteristics, there are important differences between them. I believe that grief is an entirely natural response to a loss, while depression is an illness. However, sometimes, it can be hard to distinguish between feelings of grief and depression.

People who are grieving in East Sussex find that feelings of loss and sadness come in waves, but they are still able to enjoy things and are able to look forward to the future. However, those who are depressed in East Sussex have a constant feeling of sadness; they do not enjoy anything and have little sense of a positive future.

Many people in East Sussex find that talking with a counsellor or psychotherapist is very helpful when they are bereaved. Grief and bereavement often lasts for longer than many friends and family expect and talking to a counsellor can be very beneficial.

Treatment for Grief and Depression in East Sussex

I have worked for many years for a Hospice in East Sussex as a bereavement counsellor and have seen clients with depression in my private practice in East Sussex. Whether you are suffering from grief or depression in East Sussex, I believe that counselling and psychotherapy can be a very effective treatment.
"I believe that everyone deserves and can achieve happiness in their lives"

Counselling and psychotherapy helps people with a wide variety of problems, including:

Anxiety and stress
Bereavement and Loss
Low Self Esteem
Childhood Issues
Relationship Problems
Sexual Problems
Eating Disorders
Relationship Breakup/Divorce
Personal Development