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Carole Stilwell
Diploma in Integrative Psychosexual Therapy
Certified Transactional Analyst
Accredited member of BACP
Diploma in Counselling
Diploma in Supervision
UKCP Registered

Counselling for Major Life Changes in East Sussex

Relationship Breakup/Divorce

Children leaving Home



Many people face a readjustment to their life at some point, and this can be quite difficult. Children may be flying the nest or you're facing up to retirement. You may be suffering the physical and emotional aspects of the menopause or going through a mid life crisis, or after putting so much effort into family and work life, you suddenly discover that you haven't achieved your life goals.

The end of a relationship is a stressful time, especially when decisions about property or children are involved. If you and your partner are splitting up you will face a major change to your life.

Counselling and Psychotherapy in East Sussex can Help

As with many difficulties in life talking with a trained, caring, non-judgmental counsellor in East Sussex can help. To have someone to talk to who is independent of your friends and family can give you the opportunity to be very honest about how you are feeling and the difficulties you are facing. Sometimes it can feel such a relief to talk to someone.

Through talking with a trained counsellor in East Sussex about the life changes you face, you may make new decisions about what is important to you and what you want to achieve with your life.
"I believe that everyone deserves and can achieve happiness in their lives"

Counselling and psychotherapy helps people with a wide variety of problems, including:

Anxiety and stress
Bereavement and Loss
Low Self Esteem
Childhood Issues
Relationship Problems
Sexual Problems
Eating Disorders
Relationship Breakup/Divorce
Personal Development